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Can’t wait for the season 7 premiere of Shameless? Then you’re in luck. Showtime has made the first episode of the new season free to view online, and you can watch the early premiere below. I’ve also added screencaps from the episode to the gallery.

I’ve just finished adding over 500 HQ photos of Emmy at recent events to the gallery. Thank you so much to my friends AliKat and Mary for their donations.

Today is a very special day, it’s Emmy’s 30th birthday. In honor of Emmy’s birthday we have created a special slideshow of her through the years. Check it out below, and be sure to send her lots of birthday love on Twitter.

There is a new trend in Hollywood. Rather than young stars spending all of their time in front of the camera, they are moving into roles behind the camera. Actors turned directors is not necessarily a new concept, but usually we see it with experienced actors — ones who have decades of work under their belts. Times are changing and viewers want variety in what they watch, not the same, tired formats. Allowing some young professionals with a fresh perspective and a unique voice to take the helm might be exactly what the industry needs — more specifically — the TV industry. Three young fan favorites are set to make their directorial debut in the coming months and I highly doubt it will be their last.

1. Donald Glover Takes Us To Atlanta
If you look up jack-of-all-trades in the dictionary, you will probably see a picture of Donald Glover. The 32-year old is an actor, comedian, DJ, rapper by the name of Childish Gambino, writer, and creator of the new FX show, Atlanta (which he will also be starring in). Glover will be playing a college dropout who becomes a manger for his aspiring rapper cousin. Already being considered one of the best new shows premiering this fall, Glover will take on a totally new role, making his TV directorial debut with the sixth and seventh episodes of the series. Part comedy, part drama, Glover will bring his creative ingenuity, finally getting the opportunity to give viewers a look inside his mind with a project from start to finish. There is no doubt he will be a natural.

2. Troian Bellisario Is Bringing Her ‘A’ Game
Viewers may know her as Spencer Hastings on the hit-show, Pretty Little Liars, but the 30-year old has been busy growing her resume recently. Along with playing the lead in a TV series for the past seven years, Bellisario has written screenplays, produced, acted in indie films, got a taste for theater, and starred in a web series. A few months ago it was announced she will be directing Episode 15 of PLL’s seventh and final season. She will be the only character besides Chad Lowe to take on the director’s seat, but considering she is a key character to the series, this is a huge deal. It must be difficult enough to star in such a dialogue-driven show but to also have the responsibility of directing is a whole other story.

Dealing with the placement of cameras, pacing of scenes, giving cues to actors, and commanding all production elements is no easy task, but Bellisario’s co-stars have no doubt she is up to the task. Many of them took to social media to show how proud they are of her and to show their support:

Bellisario also gave some behind the scenes look into her new role. When asked about any concerns, she told PrettyLittleLiars.com:

“I’m terrified of the girls. I told them to be nice to me, but I think they’re all going to be very well-behaved and awesome. I’m so happy for the opportunity to work with such talented actors. It’s going to be a blast.”

The show has a cult following so there is no surprise many fans also took to social media to show their support, even creating a hashtag for her, #proudofTBells.

3. Directing Must Be Rubbing Off On Emmy Rossum
The youngest of the group (nearing 30 in the next couple of weeks), Emmy Rossum has a huge advantage. Her fiancée, Sam Esmail writes and directs the critically-acclaimed series, Mr. Robot. Watching him do his magic no doubt gave Rossum a bigger appetite to get behind the camera and now she has her chance. Rossum will be directing the fourth episode of the upcoming seventh season of Shameless premiering this October. Only fellow co-star William H. Macy has directed on the series. Rossum plays the young matriarch of a very dysfunctional family living in Chicago. The cast and crew film in the city for about two weeks a year for exterior shots, a trip they enjoy because the vibe of the city gives them a better connection to the characters they are playing. The Chicago Tribune got more information while they were in town and had a chance to get Rossum’s take on directing an episode:

“Initially they were a little hesitant and nervous because I tend to be pretty Type A and a perfectionist. I think they thought I would be really hard on them. But I am so in love with their talent and only want to create an environment where I can give suggestions that they can take or leave. I don’t apologize. No. As the director, you have to speak loudly and be decisive and know what you want, and there’s no room to apologize for that. I don’t think I always have the ultimate best idea. But there’s also no time for any kind of wishy-washying.”

Like Troian Bellisario, Rossum has been cluing in the audience how the view from the director’s seat makes a difference with these social media posts. Having a support system also helps, as her fiancée is “predicting brilliance” and so are we!

Don’t be surprised if this trends sparks a resurgence in young directors, especially ones with proven acting experience. Donald Glover, Troian Bellisario, and Emmy Rossum are all very talented in their own right. The things they have learned and the respect that they have earned makes these decisions a no-brainer. Why wouldn’t we want a fresh set of creatives taking over the TV world? I am all for it!

  • Atlanta premieres Tuesday, September 6th, 10pm on FX
  • Pretty Little Liars Season 7 comes back April 2017, you can catch it Tuesday nights, 8pm on Freeform
  • Shameless Season 7 premieres Sunday, October 2nd, 9pm on Showtime

  • Source: MoviePilot

    Season 7 of “Shameless” doesn’t kick off until Oct. 2, but The Huffington Post has an inside look at what to expect from the Gallaghers this fall. And by the looks of it, fans are in for a treat.

    “Last season found all of us completely on our hands and knees and one of the last scenes was my loving family gently carrying me to the Chicago River and throwing me in,” actor William H. Macy said in the exclusive Showtime clip above.

    This season, which will pick up where the last one left off, will find the Gallaghers back to some of their “old ways,” which means … yep, you guessed it: They’re getting into trouble.

    Check out the clip above for interviews from Macy, Emmy Rossum and other cast members, along with a preview of Season 7.

    Season 7 of “Shameless” premieres Oct. 2 at 9 p.m. ET on Showtime.

    Source: The Huffington Post

    Updated ranking of the 50 best comedy TV shows on Netflix for September, including the addition of Shameless season 5 and 6.

    Great news, Netflix subscribers. Two new seasons of Showtime series Shameless were added on September 1. Get ready for a Gallagher family reunion this weekend. This is a joyous occasion for fans of the Chicago-based family comedy after the first four seasons were added earlier this summer. Now, the show is nearly complete as we anticipate the airing of the seventh season on Showtime later this year.

    Shameless was added to our ranking of the 50 best comedy TV shows on Netflix with the addition of the first four seasons. Initially, the series checked in at No. 28, which is pretty good on a list so deep. However, after the addition of seasons 5 and 6, the show moves up 13 spots to No. 15 where it currently resides.

    Now, that’s more like it, right Shameless fans?

    This show is so good and so layered that it really could rank in our list of the 50 best drama TV shows too. The series was created by Paul Abbott and stars Emmy Rossum, William H. Macy, Justin Chatwin, Ethan Cutkosky, Cameron Monaghan, Shanola Hampton and Joah Cusack.

    Rossum plays Fiona Gallagher who is the oldest sibling of the Gallagher brood. She’s doing her best to work to provide for her family while also living the life of a young twentysomething. Her father Frank, played by William H. Macy is an alcoholic who is more focused on where his next drink will come from rather than putting dinner on the table for all of his kids. And he has a lot of them!

    Lip and Ian are the two oldest boys who often find themselves in trouble. Little sister Debbie is growing up without a mom but Fiona does her best but she’s rather independent and could grow up to be the most successful of all her siblings. Young Carl is a hellraiser who once killed a bald eagle and often gets roped into Frank’s schemes.

    The show is based in Chicago and tells the story of a blue-collar family doing the best they can do provided their circumstances. It has some heavy dramatic moments but you’re going to laugh a lot when you watch Shameless .

    Check out Shameless and catch up before new season drops on Showtime. And check out what other shows made our cut of the 50 best comedies on Netflix.

    Source: Netflix Life

    The seventh season picks up a month after last season’s finale, with the Gallaghers ready for another sizzling summer on the South Side of Chicago. When Frank (William H. Macy) awakens from a coma to learn that his loved ones tossed him in the river, he declares war – Gallagher vs. Gallagher. But Fiona (Emmy Rossum) is too busy improving her own life to worry about Frank’s. After last season’s devastating betrayal, she’s now moved on, a warrior, and nothing is getting in the way of her new life as manager of Patsy’s – including her family. Jeremy Allen White, Ethan Cutkosky, Shanola Hampton, Steve Howey, Emma Kenney, Cameron Monaghan and Isidora Goreshter also star.

    The series recently garnered an Emmy nomination for Macy in the Lead Actor in a Comedy Series category. Shameless is produced by Bonanza Productions in association with John Wells Productions and Warner Bros. Television. John Wells, Nancy M. Pimental, Christopher Chulack, Krista Vernoff, Etan Frankel and Sheila Callaghan executive produce.

    Shameless Season 7 premieres October 2 on Showtime. Have a look at the trailer above.

    Source: Deadline

    We’re going to come out and say it — Emmy Rossum is hands down one of the best actresses of our generation. The New York native on screen can do anything. Forget her multiple skills — she’s a triple threat, having shown off her vocal talents with her album and in the film adaptation of Phantom Of The Opera.

    So we know she can sing, act — she’s also directing episodes of Shameless, that little show headed to it’s 7th season. But on Shameless alone Emmy is excersizing her many skills. As leading character Fiona Gallagher, the self posed mother of her clan of siblings. From kicking ass, calling everyone out on their BS, to surviving toxic relationships, to protecting her siblings, to providing to her family, to overcoming jail stints, Emmy Rossum has been through it all as Fiona, feeling every type of emotion. She is able to take Fiona to incredible dark places, vulnerable places — while also shining in heartwarming moments and nailing her characters sassy one-liners with comedic timing that commediennes should envy.

    She’s a modern fashion icon — having made a name for her name in the industry by being her own stylist and forming her own connections and relationships — and can get as gritty but as feminine as you could ask. We can sing two full acts of praises for Emmy who evokes incredible emotion with her performances, while being incredibly well spoke and hilariously and adorably quirky in interviews.

    We’re head over heels for Emmy Rossum, and we have a case built to prove why you should be too:

    She’s directing AND starring in episodes of Shameless
    Her incredible ability to portray multiple emotions with facial expressions
    Did we mention she can sing?
    She’s a theatre gal
    She’s adorable
    But also a badass
    Her love for her cast
    The way she eloquently and interestingly speaks to her nudity on Shameless
    And has an incredible sense of humour
    She actually named her cat Fiona
    She shines in indie gems
    Her acting chops are mind blowing — seriously, she deserves all of the awards
    Did we mention she doesn’t use a stylist? Her incredible looks are her own
    Her and Mr. Robot writer Sam Esmail are honestly the cutest
    And finally because we never, EVER, miss and episode of Shameless.

    Source: ANDPOP (Check out the original link for extra photos, gifs, and videos)

    Things move quickly when “Shameless” comes to Chicago each year, cramming six episodes worth of outdoor scenes into a single week. Cast and crew of the Showtime series, set in Chicago but filmed primarily on a soundstage in Los Angeles, were in town last week shooting exteriors for Season 7, which returns Oct. 2.

    Here is what it’s like when you try to have a conversation with Emmy Rossum between takes. A production assistant will come over to kindly inform the actress that they’re ready. “OK, two seconds,” Rossum says. Then to me: “They’re not ready. They’re lying. They always say they’re ready two minutes before they are.”

    On tap was a scene with Rossum (Fiona Gallagher, the show’s default matriarch) and Brandon Sims (one of the twins who play Liam, the youngest Gallagher) just a few yards down the from Gallagher house on the 2100 block of South Homan Avenue. While the cameras rolled, a handful of people in the house directly next door to the Gallagher abode casually wandered out onto their porch, which was out of frame, to watch filming.

    The block is bookended by the “L” on one side, train tracks on the other. The trick was getting each take completed before yet another train loudly rumbled by.

    The cast is only in town for two weeks each season (it will be back to again in October), but according to Rossum, “being here gives it that texture and that realism, to remind us what it feels like and tastes like and smells like in Chicago. Acting is a very cellular — I’m going to sound so stupid, so up-myself, so actory — but it’s like a sensory thing and a gut thing and a memory thing, that it really helps coming back, to remember what that vibe is and the energy in the neighborhood.”

    Jumping back and forth between episodes while they are here “was tricky in the beginning,” she said. “But now I’m used to it. Now I find the pace trickier — it’s so fast that I find it hard to eat or go to the bathroom. Like, sometimes when we’re filming on an ‘L’ train, we’ll get stuck on it, sitting there for an hour because we only want to shoot the exterior of a certain part of the city, so we’ll shoot for 10 minutes and then wait for 45 minutes for the train to make its way back around. So we’re sitting there eating snacks with nowhere to pee.”

    Rossum is directing an episode this season, a first for her. I asked if that changed the dynamic with her castmates.

    “Initially they were a little hesitant and nervous because I tend to be pretty Type A and a perfectionist. I think they thought I would be really hard on them. But I am so in love with their talent and only want to create an environment where I can give suggestions that they can take or leave.”

    Also: “I don’t apologize. No. As the director, you have to speak loudly and be decisive and know what you want, and there’s no room to apologize for that. I don’t think I always have the ultimate best idea. But there’s also no time for any kind of wishy-washying.”

    Before I left the set, I asked Rossum about “Mr. Robot,” which is the creation of her fiance, Sam Esmail, and filled with plot twists and an unreliable narrator. Does Rossum know the full trajectory of the current season (which continues through Sept. 14)?

    “Yeah! Oh, yeah! I just feel uncomfortable for the actors (on the show) with whom I’m friends, because they try to get information out of me about what the ultimate ending of the show is. They know I know. And I think they’re just hoping that one night they’ll get me really drunk and I’ll tell them! But I think Sam also probably sometimes doesn’t tell me everything because of that. But I know most things.”

    Emma Kenney, who plays Debbie Gallagher, had already wrapped her scenes by that point, so we ducked into her trailer to talk. She was 10 when she started on “Shameless”; next week she turns 17. I asked if she watches the show.

    “I do not. I can’t watch my own work, and it’s the most basic thing that you’ve ever heard an actor say, but when I watch my own work, I get in my head and then it just (messes) with my performance too much. The director will be like, ‘Hey, great take. Do you want to see the playback?’ And I’m like, definitely not.”

    What about her friends?

    “This is going to sound bad. I don’t like when my friends watch the show and I encourage them not to. I feel like it will make them treat me differently. My friends who I’ve known since before I did the show, I guess I’m all right with them watching because I’ve known them forever. But other people who I’ve met since, if they start watching the show, I don’t really trust them as people. It’s hard growing up in Hollywood, you know? I’m not from LA originally. I was born in New York, grew up in Brooklyn and then I moved to New Jersey, and then I moved out to LA full-time about two years ago. You’ve just got to be wary around people. You don’t know what they want from you. Just in LA, people have questionable motives. Everybody’s kind of got an angle. You’ve got to be aware of that.”

    She paused and then shrugged. “But that’s just life.”

    A recognizable face to anyone who watches the show, Kenney said it’s not an overwhelming kind of celebrity. “I can go out and chill with my friends, go out to dinner, and I won’t get hounded like I’m sure Paul McCartney or somebody like that” does.

    I asked if she thinks about things like being photographed with her hair up in a messy bun or without makeup. Looking like a normal person, in other words. “I don’t wear a lot of makeup to begin with. I’m chillin’ all the time. Like, I don’t really care that much about that stuff. But I don’t like being the center of attention, so it kind of makes me nervous sometimes when I see people taking photos of me from afar.

    “I’ve never recognized somebody on the street that I’m a fan of, so who knows what I would do if I was in that situation! If I ran into, I don’t know — all my favorite musicians are dead! If I ran into reincarnated Jim Morrison, I’d probably take a picture. Not to compare myself to Jim Morrison. He’s a legend.”

    Growing up on set is something she’s shared with co-star Ethan Cutkosky, who plays Carl. “This was our first big breakthrough project, so we kind of went through this together. And Ethan’s my best friend. I have a ton of friends out here, from Ethan. He lives in St. Charles so his close friends from back there, I’m close friends with them now. We always chill. I was just with some of them last night.”

    What about the people who live in the Gallagher neighborhood?

    “Oh my God, the little boy who lives in the Gallagher house — the real house — his name is DJ and he’s 8 years old now, so I’ve known him since he was 1. And I know DJ. He’s a really good kid, such a good kid. And I ran into a little girl today, she said she was 12 so that means I’ve known her since she was 5, and I saw her sitting next to our director-producer with headphones at the monitors and watching. She was talking about how she was interested in the film industry and it was so cool that we got to give her that experience.”

    What’s the inside of the real Gallagher house like, I asked, compared with the set back in LA?

    “It’s very homey,” Kenney said. “It’s not the same setup. When you walk in the front door, the living room is right there, and then the staircase is there as well — maybe it is the same setup!

    “But being in Chicago, you feel so much more like a Gallagher. When you’re shooting a scene on location in LA on Ventura Boulevard and it’s supposed to be Chicago, with fake snow? What is that supposed to mean? You know what I’m saying? Chicago is my favorite city in the world.”

    “Shameless” returns for Season 7 on Showtime Oct. 2.

    Source: Chicago Tribune

    Continuing my efforts of getting all of Shameless capped I’ve added screencaps from season 2 to the gallery. Season 3 coming soon.

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